A temporary exhibition “Archeological relics from Shushi” has opened in the Historical and Archaeological Museum-reserve “Erebuni”. Unique archeological objects of the Shushi Carpet Museum were presented, mainly ceramics and metal products, jugs, ornaments, daggers and coins. All of them were located on the territory of Artsakh and date back to the 2nd and 6th centuries.

During the 44-day war in 2020, it was possible to evacuate carpets and  other archeological items from important exhibits of the museum. According to archeologists, most of the exhibits belong to the Etiun culture of the Armenian Highlands.

“The phenomenon is that in the late Bronze-Iron period, in the face of the Etiun culture, it can be stated that almost the entire territory of the Armenian Highlands was culturally homogeneous,” said Mikael Badalyan, director of the Historical and Archeological Museum-Reserve “Erebuni”. The exhibition will last until May 29.