According to Iranian scholar Zhanna Vardanyan, the opening of the General Consulate in Kapan indicates that Iran does not want to remain outside the processes in the South Caucasus and wants to ensure its direct presence in the region. “Another circumstance of the opening of the General Consulate  of Iran in Kapan is due to the situation that has developed after the 44-day war in Artsakh. There was very serious criticism of the authorities in Iran that they were ignoring the South Caucasus,” the Iranian expert noted.

According to Vardanyan, the opening of the consulate is also to some extent connected with the claims of Azerbaijan, which wants to have a corridor in the Syunik region towards Nakhichevan, which may to some extent undermine the security of the Armenian-Iranian border, therefore, it is no coincidence that the Iranian side often voices the need to implement joint programs between this country and Syunik.