We all know who the Three Kings really are (according to the Bible)… Many of us would like to remain innocent, and stay in the reality in which children are. But time inexorably reveals the truth.

Indeed, six hundred years of Turkish rule seem too long for us not to fully realize the extent of our enemy, especially when this brutal period of barbaric rule ended with the genocide of our ancestors.

In 2022, as always, there are children who still believe in wise men, but seem more mature and reasonable than illiterate Armenians who claim that the Turks have changed, that today’s Turks are not like yesterday’s Turks, that we should have a dialogue with them, for short, a series of meaningless statements that are made lightly, not realizing what serious consequences they will have if implemented.

The inner essence of the Turkish enemy is the domination, conquest and destruction of the Armenians.

Haven’t you figured it out yet? Have you seen Turkish barbarism in Artsakh? A free dialogue between Turks and Armenians on an equal basis is impossible for the simple reason that the Turks want to exterminate the Armenians, take over their land, and since they understand only the language of the sword, nothing more.

Is there any need  to understand?

I don’t think so. I think this is quite obvious, given our own historical experience.

The only communication between Turks and Armenians should be maintained by Armenians, and Turks should be called upon to return the lands that belong to us, in accordance with international law.

Any other idea will strengthen the enemy to our detriment, delay the restoration of what belongs to us, and further weaken the current Republic of Armenia. What is even worse, if we do not break out of this evil mirage of Turkey’s unconscious dependence, we will forever obey, even from afar, prolonging seven hundred years of disastrous relations.

To sit at our table is as irresponsible for a Turk as to stick his head in the lion’s mouth. Only a lion is more likely to leave us unharmed than a Turk will treat us with respect and hospitality. This is not news.

We all see how the current Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia is happily sitting with the President of Azerbaijan and various European hosts. Isn’t it time for an Armenian to demand the liberation of Nakhichevan from Azerbaijan? Of course, this is true, but, as we have already learned from previous letters, the current Republic of Armenia has no international right to claim Nakhichevan.

I suggest you think about it. Don’t you think that it is necessary for us, the authorities of Western Armenia, who have the international right to declare the demands of Nakhichevan to demand the complete liberation of Artsakh, who have what they demand at the highest international political and legal level? Therefore, we ask readers not to remain indifferent, contact us, join our voice, we will unite every Armenian in the Armenian Diaspora to demand from the current authorities of the Republic of Armenia that they help position our Western Republic of Armenia at the highest international level.

Have you heard about the desire of the current Prime Minister of Armenia to enter into an unconditional dialogue with Turkey? We, the peoples of Western Armenia, must demand that Pashinyan set a condition for his participation in the meeting with Erdogan,  Armenag Aprahamian be present at the meeting as President of the Republic of Western Armenia.

Thus, we, the Armenians, will be sure that Aprahamian will demand from Erdogan what Pashinyan cannot do, to return all our lands, starting with Mount Ararat, continuing each of the appropriated Armenian provinces in accordance with the borders defined by President Woodrow, the arbitration remains in force.

But in order  to enter the agenda of reality, the participation of every Armenian reading these lines is necessary. We all have the fate of Armenia in our hands.

We notice that the current rulers of the Republic of Armenia do not have sovereignty over their actions, they are told by other states what to say and what to do. But even at this critical moment, the Armenian rulers and most of the Armenian press deliberately keep the Republic of Western Armenia in the dark, thereby directly or indirectly helping the enemy to deliver the last blow to our homeland.

In this demoralizing context, we, the authorities of the Republic of Western Armenia, inform our people that we are sitting at the negotiating table with Turkey only to declare our existing rights established by the United Nations in relation to the demands of other sovereign States. We are not interested in an exchange with Turkey until Turkey returns all our lands, recognizes that it has committed genocide against our great people, and pays for the consequences in accordance with international law.

It is not subject to discussion.

Armenians who deviate from this premise should be careful, because you know what the end will be.

There are no secrets.

Everything is known, because it is known that kings are the fathers.

We wake up once and for all, because naivety cannot be forgiven, it is allowed only to children.

We are waiting for you in the Republic of Western Armenia with open arms, moving forwards justly, restoring our ancestral lands.


Consul of the Republic of Western Armenia in the Argentine Republic