Ladies and gentlemen!

The Government of Western Armenia sums up the results of its activities in 2021, outlines the guidelines of its work for 2022. 2021 was a very difficult year for all Armenians. The government of Western Armenia, as we know, is a continuation of the state of Armenia recognized in 1920, which gained independence from Russia in December 1917, when Shahumyan and Alazan appealed to Lenin. Armenia, de facto,  was recognized on January 19, 1920, de jure – on May 11, 1920. The State of Armenia did not exist until January 1920, it was created by the efforts of Pogos Nubar Pasha. Artsakh, Nakhichevan, Javakhk, Cilicia the present Republic of Armenia and Western Armenia were, and are, part of the State of Armenia.

On August 10, 1920, the Sultanate of the Turkish Government and the States of Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Armenia signed the Sevres Peace Treaty. The agreement has been signed. On behalf of Armenia, an additional agreement was signed with the allied states on the rights of national minorities, diplomatic and trade relations. From the point of view of international law, the Republic of Armenia as a party to the treaty is de jure recognized by all other signatory States. According to the Treaty of Sevres, Constantinople and its environs remain in Turkey.

    Without going into the details of the agreement, we will only note that there are articles 88-93 in the section of Armenia. Turkey recognizes Armenia as a free independent state. Turkish Armenia agrees to leave the distinction between the two countries at the discretion of the United States. Armenia’s borders with Georgia and Azerbaijan will be determined through direct negotiations with these countries. In April 1920, the Supreme Council of the Allied Powers, representing Great Britain, France, Italy and Japan, decided to appeal to the 28th US President Woodrow Wilson with two requests:

– To accept the mandate of Armenia,

– To determine the border between Armenia and Turkey by the decision of the arbitration.

    The second request was officially confirmed by a letter from the President of the Peace Assembly, the Prime Minister of France and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Miller dated April 27, 1920. The second request in the form of article 89 was included in the Sevres Treaty – already on behalf of Armenia, Turkey, as well as almost twenty countries that signed the treaty, addressed to the President of the United States of America, who made the Arbitration Award. The arbitration award is final for execution. It has no time limit, and its status does not depend on the fate of the sentence.

    Now let me turn to the work done by the Government of Western Armenia in 2021. The Government of Western Armenia, which, as already mentioned, is the legal successor of the State of Armenia, restored its powers in 2004 with the creation of the National Council of Armenians of Western Armenia (Shushi). To date, the government of Western Armenia has managed to create state institutions, establish feedback with Armenians scattered around the world. Western Armenia has its own state television, which has more than ten thousand viewers.

In November 2021, Western Armenia Radio was launched, which will be available 24 hours a day for our Turkic-speaking compatriots, introducing them to Armenian culture and returning them to their roots. The Government of Western Armenia is well aware that our children, who survived the genocide committed by the Turks against the Armenians in the XIX and XX centuries, converted to another faith, lost their native language, their roots and hid their identity.

    The Government of Western Armenia is making every effort to unite the Armenians of the whole world. For example, the deputies of the National Assembly of Western Armenia represent Armenians living on all continents. Realizing its responsibility for its own territories, the government of Western Armenia adopted a number of vital laws in 2021:

– Recognition of the autonomy of Artsakh,

– Relations between the Republic of Western Armenia and the Republic of Armenia,

– Recognition of the autonomy of Nakhichevan.

In 2021, we have done a lot of work to internationalize the territories of Artsakh occupied by Azerbaijan after the 44-day war. We are pleased to close the year and plan our activities in 2022. In this matter, we focus on international political transformations. The state of Armenia, as in the XIX and XX centuries, remains on the agenda of big politics, especially on the agenda of Turkey, which has been trying to hide its illegalities for more than a hundred years, starting with violations of the Treaty of Sevres. Last year, the Turkish president began making openly anti-Armenian statements. From the postponement of the agenda of the Armenian-Turkish protocols to the Artsakh wars, Turkey today puts forward preliminary conditions:

  • Written renunciation of Western Armenia,
  •  Recognition of the Armenian-Turkish border,
  • Refusal to declare genocide,
  • Rejection of Artsakh,
  • Opening of the Meghri corridor.

    The fate of the Middle East and the New political map of the world are conditioned by the existence of the state of Armenia, which is currently occupied by Turkey. The Government of Western Armenia will direct its activities in 2022 to the issues of de-occupation of territories, unification of lands and protection of the rights of its citizens. 

Therefore, we will use every opportunity to speak out about the rights of Western Armenia and its citizens. 2022 is a very important year and we must use our full potential. So, for the sake of protecting the rights of Western Armenia, de-occupation of territories, our sons, who died in two Artsakh wars, demand this. Friends, today is Christmas and I want to congratulate all of us on behalf of the Government of Western Armenia, especially all the countries that have recognized Armenia: Russia, Great Britain, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India. , Pakistan, Bangladesh, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates.

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