After the 44-day war, a number of villages of Syunik became border villages, part of the Goris-Kapan highway, having passed the Azerbaijanis, the Syunik region faced numerous challenges. The number one task, of course, is to ensure a safe environment. In the areas of contact with the Azerbaijani armed forces, the right of residents to a peaceful and safe life, as well as to free movement, is being threatened, very often violated. After passing the Kapan-Chakaten road under the control of the Azerbaijani armed forces, our compatriots at the front, Tsava, Srashen, Nerkin Hand, Shikahokh and Shishkert are forced to walk 150 km instead of 6 km to get to Kapan, given that the alternative road is still under construction,” said Anna Grigoryan, deputy of the “Armenia” faction.