According to Turkologist Ruben Safrastyan, the first Armenian-Turkish meeting is more likely to be introductory, and there is no need to have high expectations. According to him, Turkey’s position on Armenia has not changed, the three well-known preconditions of Ankara will be presented to the talks again: Armenia must reaffirm its commitment to 1921: recognize the current borders of Armenia and Turkey in the Kars Treaty, renounce the pursuit of the policy of international recognition of the genocide against Armenians and Artsakh. To all this, according to the Turkologist, a fourth requirement has joined – the issue of the so-called “Zangezur corridor”. Regardless of Turkey’s agenda, Armenia should strive to promote its agenda – this is the beginning of the process of Turkey’s recognition of the  Genocide of Armenian people, Safrastyan is sure. “The Minsk Group Co-Chairs recognized the Genocide. I think our diplomacy should try to use this circumstance. I had to cooperate with these three countries so that they put pressure on Turkey.”