The ensemble “Gurdjieff” completed 2021 with a foreign tour. The ensemble performed on the prestigious stages of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary and Luxembourg, receiving thunderous applause. The start of the tour was given within the framework of one of the most famous festivals of the Netherlands – November Music.

    As the artistic director of the ensemble Levon Eskenyan emphasizes, all the concerts were excellent, but he attaches particular importance to the evening held in the Hungarian concert hall “Mupa Budapest”, in which the ensemble performed the program “Bartok and Komitas”. Folk melodies recorded in the 1930s by Bella Bartok, collected from the Armenian villages of Western Armenia, were played.

    Bartok is one of the greatest composers of the 20th century, and they often draw parallels between him and Komitas, noting that both did similar work collecting folk music, trying to create a new language in classical music.