The settlement of Hassun, located in the Silvan province of Tigranakert in Western Armenia, is a thousand-year-old wonder of nature with more than 300 caves. Some of them have 3 floors, others have 5 and 7 floors. Caves were one of the most important settlements in the region, especially in the early period of the spread of Christianity. This settlement and caves, which were the settlement of the first people since the Mesolithic, are considered one of the oldest caves of Upper Mesopotamia. Buildings such as staircases, waterways, and cave churches were built by humans to meet social and cultural needs. The caves are connected to each other by passages, there is a small amphitheater next to the church cut into the rock. Archeologists believe that the Urartians, Scythians, Persians, Parthians, and the empire of Tigran the Great influenced this geography. As we can see, the history of the indigenous Armenian people of Western Armenia dates back thousands of years and is evidenced by such structures and monuments.