While Armenians celebrate Christmas and the great hope that this holiday of peace brings, I am horrified to see how Azerbaijan kills and tortures Armenian captivess and civilians in the worst way, burning crosses on their shrines. These captives wear the cross as a tattoo, remaining true to their faith.

    This barbaric behavior is unbearable and does not correspond to a member State of the Council of Europe and the regime operating within the framework of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Having penetrated into Artsakh on September 27, 2020, Azerbaijan wanted us to believe that this is a simple territorial problem. A year later, contrary to international conventions, captives of war are still being held in Azerbaijani prisons. The regime is taking another step of abuse, inventing new forms of anti-Christian torture.

    The Armenian sons of the first Christian nation have been thoughtfully and familiarly wearing a cross symbolizing their faith for 2000 years. Today, Azerbaijan removes this religious symbol from under its clothes, burns and destroys it, causing torturous suffering to the Armenian people, which is already crossing the border. Therefore, I decided to resign from the France-Azerbaijan friendship group in order not to approve a style of work filled with hatred, which obviously reveals the desire of one nation to destroy its culture and faith. 106 years after the Genocide of Armenian people, the purpose of which was the extermination of Armenians, history repeats itself. There can be no friendship with the torturers.

    In all conscience, I can’t accept it. Today I am handing over to the Chairman of the National Assembly my resignation from the France-Azerbaijan friendship Group.

Dino Cinieri

Loire Deputy (Ondain, Fores, Pilate)

January 10, 2022