Nothing was evacuated from the state and private museums and galleries operating in Shushi during the 44-day war, everything was left to the Azerbaijanis, except for carpets.

In February last year, a temporary exhibition of Shushi carpets opened in the Tamanyan Yerevan Museum-Institute of Architecture. The founder of the carpet museum says that both he and the director of the Tamanyan Museum, Mark Grigoryan, hoped that there would be a permanent corner for carpets in Shushi, but they were not found. The founder of the Carpet Museum says that he was able to send half of the 300 carpets to Armenia from this legacy, and that half is now homeless. The Minister of Culture of Artsakh Lusine Karakhanyan emphasizes that the carpets will definitely be transported to Artsakh, it’s just that there is a shortage of buildings at the moment. According to her, the Armenian identity of Artsakh has been preserved on the carpets of Shushi. By the way, Azerbaijan has already brought a complaint to UNESCO that all this is stolen  from Azerbaijani culture.