We want to remind you that January 19 is approaching – the day of the official independence of Western Armenia.

The 15th anniversary of the assassination of Hrant Dink, the founder and chif editor of ”Akos” weekly, is approaching, in connection with which writer-director Umit Kivanc has made a film on which he has been working for a long time. An hour-long piece entitled “Beyond Memory-a Film for Grant Dink” will be broadcast for the first time on the website of the Hrant Dink Foundation on January 13 at 20:00. The film will also be broadcast on the channels Umit Kivanch (Ümit Kıvanç) vimeo and Youtube channels. The film features performances and words by Hrant Dink. According to the director, Hrant’s talent was his strong, influential, insightful, evocative skill that made people doubt their beliefs, explore, learn, risk abandoning their own stereotypes, making decisions and initiating new actions.

In fact, Hrant was an  honest person.