After the war of 2020, especially the Martuni region of Artsakh was blockaded from three sides, and the settlements of the region  from different sides were under the direct target of the enemy. At a distance of several hundred meters, at an altitude, an Azerbaijani detachment is located, considering all the movement of the village. The village of Norshen was founded in the 18th century, which is why the settlement was named Nor Shen-new village. There are two ways to achieve Norshen now. One is paved and comfortable, but long, the other is through villages, rocky, with mountains, gorges and accompanied by beautiful landscapes. Working here is a distant dream. 

The church was built by the first resident of Ter Karapet village, who emigrated from Western Armenia. Azerbaijanis have been working on village farms for the last 100-150 years, who have constantly committed crimes and killed villagers. The villagers claim that they cannot live together with a Turk. There are 55 students in the village school. The road leading to the school is under the direct sight of the enemy, and the children are playing in the courtyard of the building.

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