The press service of the Government of Western Armenia referring to the speech by the Prime Minister of Western Armenia Seda Melikyan on the state television of the Republic of Western Armenia reports the work done in 2021 and outlined the works to be done in 2022, she is happy to note that, watching the performance covered by the news of the Western Armenia TV in YouTube channel, websites and Facebook page, the news had a great response.

    The Government of Western Armenia, represented by the speech of the Prime Minister, managed to break the vision of life in a closed system for thousands of people and open the system and make it clear to Armenians living in the Republic of Armenia and deprived of their Homeland as a result of the Genocide of Armenian people and spread throughout the world that it is necessary to get out of the agenda of solving the internal political problems of the Republic of Armenia and consider the state of Armenia and the Armenian issue in an open system. Based on geopolitical perceptions, it should be understood that Armenia has a future only if it sees the solution to its problems in the application for succession and the demand of Western Armenia. Tens of millions of Armenians should unite around the idea of statehood and direct all efforts and intellectual potential to this holy cause.

We are waiting for your further feedback.

Press Service of the Government of Western Armenia.