Due to the Yusufeli water reservoir in the Ardvin of Western Armenia, a new territory for the Yusufeli county has been granted for the 7th time in its 152-year history. Preparatory work is underway now. Residents of Gavar, who will say goodbye to their 72-year-old settlement, have appealed to the provincial administration to move the graves of their relatives so that they also do not end up underwater. The construction of the Yusufeli and the main body of the Ardvin hydroelectric power station, built on the 410 km-long Chorokh River within the borders of occupied Western Armenia, has been completed. If the  water reservoir is completely filled, about 5,000 houses in the 4 villages of the regional center, 270 workplaces, and 9,430 hectare of  agricultural lands will remain under water.

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