The relations between the Republic of Armenia and Turkey, severed since 1993, are trying to settle with the appointment of a special representative. Turkey’s policy, which has “turned from zero problems into problems” with its neighbors, does not depend on its domestic policy and the reality of the nation-state.

The Armenian people, who are well aware of the genocidal face and bloody hands of the Turkish state and the rhetoric of boundless hostility towards Armenians, will never forget their enemy, even if another hundred years pass. The Armenians know what this neighbor’s intention was based on the example of their century-old history and, finally, the occupation of Artsakh. The military-technical and intelligence support provided by the Turkish state to the Azerbaijani state during the occupation of Artsakh is known to everyone.

After the attack on Artsakh, what they wanted to do in the Caucasus is very similar to Enver Pasha’s dreams. The settlement process initiated with the approval and support of the backward states of the region, in particular Russia, also hides the efforts of the Turkish state to remove the crime of genocide from the agenda and calculate compensation 100 years ago.

The Unionist-Kemalist Turkish state, which, by punishing the Turkish people with poverty, tries to destroy them with its oppression, and now tries to overthrow its neighbors with threats of economic blockade, embargo, occupation and seizure. There are serious similarities in the policy pursued by the Turkish state against the Republic of Armenia and Rojava, which by its actions and activities really deserves the title of “criminal organization”.

The proposal of the fascist government, guided by the Turkish Justice and development parties, as well as the nationalist movement, the Administration of the Republic of Armenia “remove the Armenian Genocide of 1915 from the agenda”. the issue of the Armenian Genocide, reject this statement, we will open all borders to you. We will solve your issues with Azerbaijan”, very similar to the Ottoman games.

However, the Armenian people are not an obedient victim. The thoughts and memories of the Armenian people are revolutionary and realistic, despite all the memories. And the truth, being Just, is revolutionary. He forgets neither friend nor enemy.