Since its opening, Western Armenian Radio has continued its pro-Armenian activities, presenting exclusively real news and stories from both Western Armenia and from around the world to our radio listeners of all Armenians. President of Western Armenia Armenag Aprahamian noted the importance of the role of radio, stressing that everything is being done at the highest level for the Armenians of Western Armenia. The speech was delivered by Sede Melikyan, who said that the radio will operate 24 hours in different broadcasts, in particular, noting: our compatriots are not alone there, there is the Republic of Armenia, which has already done quite a big thing for them, and continues, and we must be able to organize our radio broadcasts so correctly that our compatriots of Western Armenia understand that they keep the Armenian culture, despite the fact that they have changed their religion, although they speak a different language. In conclusion, she said: the official language of Western Armenia is Armenian, and our compatriots should be ready to speak the same language.

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