In 1920, France was not only a member of the Supreme Soviet of the Allies, but also its chairman. In April 1920, within the framework of the San Remo conference, France had already accepted the historical, legal and political fact that followed the pogroms of Armenians in the Shushi on March 22-26, 1920, the legal-political fact that Artsakh (Karabakh) became in 1920 an integral part of the Republic of Armenia.

    France signed the international peace treaty in Sevres and received its own documents. The President of Azerbaijan in fact threatens not only Mrs. Valerie Pacres, but all the French or other elected officials who travel to the occupied Azerbaijan, Artsakh(Karabakh). It is high time that France found a reason to ratify the Treaty of Sevres and defended the Armenians of Artsakh and the French elected officials who are planning to help Armenian families affected by the last Artsakh liberation war.


Armenag Aprahamian President of Western Armenia