In 1990, on January 12-15, in parallel with the pogroms in Baku, Azerbaijani army carried out an organized attack on the villages of Manashid, Azat and Kamo in Northern Artsakh in order to complete the policy of ethnic cleansing.

In this regard, Associate Professor, Chairman of the NGO “Kachar” Scientific Center Mher Harutyunyan  in particular, noted: “The fact that this act of aggression was ordered and guided by a terrorist center from Baku became clear from the calls voiced on January 11 at the rally of the National Front of Azerbaijan in Baku to deport Armenians from Baku and commit a large-scale armed attack on Artsakh. However, the defenders of Northern Artsakh dealt a worthy rebuff to the Azerbaijani gangs and forced them to flee from the battlefield. The enemy, preparing for a large-scale war against Artsakh, by aggressive attacks initiated in the direction of seemingly vulnerable and defenseless Armenian settlements, not only tried to intimidate citizens of Armenian nationality by force, but also used occupation forces. The Armenian side gave an adequate response and took the necessary measures to counter the aggression of the enemy and protect their native land.”