In an interview with, Mariam Avagyan, coordinator of the Assembly of Refugees from the Azerbaijani, said in particular.  “Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic in 2010 recorded that there were at least 14 thousand Armenian refugees from Azerbaijan in Karvachar and Kashatagh. Refugees are those who fled again in the autumn of 2020 and internally displaced people are from Hadrut, Shushi, Kashatagh, Karvachar, Jrakan and Varanda. The intermediary state, which imposed the statement on November 9, has been conducting an alternative format for the settlement of the Artsakh conflict with Turkey since 1997, and they have an agreement on this. That is, in 1997 they decided that the Minsk Group would do whatever they wanted, they would do it themselves.

    That is, the intermediary state with Turkey ignored the format of the Minsk Group, bypassing the existence of this important international structure, and fulfilled the “Lavrov plan”. We and the Armenian political field should talk about the 7th paragraph of the November 9 statement, emphasizing the role of this statement as a cease-fire document”.