The ban on holding all kinds of rallies, marches and press conferences in Van for 5 consecutive years has once again been extended for 15 days. The statement notes that the ban was introduced for security purposes, as well as “in order to prevent possible terrorist attacks and provocative actions, to ensure the safety of life and property of residents and to prevent the spread of violence.”

“Outside the administrative borders of our state in 2021, from January 14 to January 28 inclusive, all kinds of rallies, demonstrations, processions, press conferences, protest actions, signature collection, sit-in protests, hunger strikes and similar actions are prohibited for 15 days,” the statement says. We want to remind you that in 2016, starting with the statements of the provincial administration, the ban is justified by security reasons in connection with possible actions of Kurdish militants or operations conducted against them. However, sometimes the limitations associated with the coronavirus  are indicated as the reason.