The head  of Shosh village Eric Abrahamyan in an interview with a correspondent of “Artsakhpress ” said: “After the 44-day war, 10 displaced families settled in our village. We have about 15 houses in the free housing stock, which we will  provide to other displaced families after the renovation. About 100 houses were damaged during the hostilities in the village, immediately after the end of the war, restoration work began. 

The school is well-maintained, it has 99 students, 7 are children from deported families. 29 pupils go to kindergarten. There is a church of St. Stepanos in the village, which is a place of pilgrimage for residents,” the head of the community introduced and added that rural roads are in a deplorable state. According to our interlocutor, Shosh is gasified, provided with electricity and water supply.