Arkni, Arghni fortress town in Paghnatun province of Tsopk province of Western Armenia, on the top of a difficult-to-reach mountain rising on the left bank of the Paghin river. In 1051 Prince Harpik, the son of Habel, together with his brothers David, Levon and Konstantin, successfully resisted the Byzantine army in the fortress of Arkni. The Seljuk Turks captured and significantly destroyed Arkni. In 1555 it passed to Ottoman Turkey, later it was included in Tigranakert province. At the beginning of the XX century, the population was about 3 thousand people, engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding, crafts and trade. They also had a church ( St. Sargis). Above Arkni, on an inaccessible rock, the arched monastery of St. Astvatsatsin (built in 1433) was preserved. Most of the Armenians of Arkni died in 1915  during the genocide committed against Armenians. The survivors migrated to different countries.