The Vardadzor community of the Askeran region of Artsakh has 254 inhabitants. This was stated by the headman of Vardadzor Samvel Sarajyan. “After the war, 9 families settled in the village. The apartments provided to them have been renovated. The school has 90 students. There are about 60 preschool-age children in the village, but we do not have a kindergarten which is needed, too. The community center and medical center operate in poor housing conditions. The banquet hall was built by the efforts of the villagers. 

Intercommunal roads are well-maintained, but the road connecting the community with the highway is not,” the headman presented, saying that the village is gasified, provided with electricity and  water supply. 

Speaking about the employment of the population, the head of the community said that about 95 hectares of gardens and about 450 hectares of land remained under enemy control. However, residents confidently overcome all obstacles and prefer to live and create in their homeland.