Boghos Nubar Pasha presented the speech at an event in Versailles on February 26, and  formed a government on May 15, 1919, it was officially recognized by the Allied Supreme Council on June 19, 1920. The efforts of Boghos Nupar Pasha on May 15, 1919 created the government of United Armenia.

The authorities of Western Armenia today, as it is known, are a continuation of the state of Armenia recognized in 1920, which became independent from Russia on June 11, 1918, and then from the Republic of Armenia on the territory of Western Armenia. Western Armenia was de facto deliberately recognized on June 19, 1920, under the following conditions:

On the basis of this governmental formation, on June 27, 1920, the main secretariat of the Conference peace event advised the Chairman of the Armenian national delegation that the Supreme Council at its session on June 19, 1920, adopted the following two decisions:

  1. The government of the Armenian state to be recognized as a de facto government.
  2. This recognition does not predetermine the question of the borders of this state

Artsakh, Nakhichevan, Javakhk, the current Caucasian Armenian Republic, Cilicia and Western Armenia were part of the State of Armenia.