The Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia ASALA, an Armenian military-political organization that launched its activities in 1975-1997. The aim of ASALA was to draw the attention of the world community to the Armenian issue by armed actions, to force the Turkish state to recognize the Genocide of Armeneian people in 1915-1923 and return occupied Western Armenia to its true owner – the Armenian people. ASALA’s military actions were mainly directed against Turkish diplomats, government officials, embassies, consulates,  and offices of the Turkish airline company.

    ASALA considered Gurgen Yanikyan his spiritual father, who personally witnessed the  Genocide of Armenian people  and the nation’s sense of revenge always lived in him. In general, ASALA was of  a great importance in the recognition of the  Genocide of Armenian people, and later its fighters contributed to the liberation of Artsakh.