Why should the meeting of representatives of Armenia and Turkey last for a long time if the opposing side does not really intend to make peace with Armenia? Another question is whether the Armenian side understands this or not. If he understands, then what is the interest of the Armenian side, if he does not understand, then why does he not understand? This was stated by analyst Nairi Ohikyan.

“When Davutoglu’s ideology of “About problems of many neighbors” began, it was stated that they should do everything to separate Armenia from the Diaspora. How can Armenia be separated from the Diaspora by friendship with Turkey, ostensibly friendship?

The meeting lasted 1.5 hours, because they had nothing to talk about, because Rubinyan and Kilich met to meet, there was no substantive conversation and there would not be.

The delegations will talk about ritual meetings, that reconciliation is possible, and so on. In one case, there may be a military expansion when the troops enter Armenia.

This is impossible, because Armenia is at the point of Russia’s economic and political interests, it is not by chance that it has deployed its troops on the border between Armenia and Turkey, or rather between Eastern and Western Armenia, respectively, Turkey cannot penetrate into Armenia by force. In other words, Turkey seeks to achieve “friendship” with Armenia and gradually withdraw Russian troops from Armenia.

On the other hand, Turkey wants Armenia to finally recognize the territorial integrity of Turkey and sign an agreement on the recognition of territories.

In other words, to recognize the existence of the Moscow-Kars treaties, which never worked.

If Armenia signs an agreement with Turkey on the recognition of mutual territorial integrity, recognizes the legitimacy of the Kars-Moscow agreements, it will turn out that Turkey is achieving its 100-year goal.”