January is a very significant month in the life of the Armenian people. On January 19, the State of Armenia was de facto recognized. In 1975, ASALA was created on January 20, when Gurgen Yanikyan made an appeal to the Armenian people and traditional parties from prison. Only a group of young Armenians responded to Yanikyan’s call, who declared to the whole world that the Armenian people are alive and will never give up their legitimate rights -demands of Western Armenia and  the consequences of the genocides carried out  by Turkey. 

The delegation of Western Armenia, together with representatives of the Armenian people and ASALA fighters, visited the Yerablur military pantheon to pay tribute to the graves of our heroes who fell on the path of liberation of the Motherland and to say that the whole Armenian people is the continuation of their holy work today. 

Once again, on behalf of the entire Armenian people, let’s say Eternal glory to our heroes.