Researcher of historical materials Khazhak Sirekanian wrote on his Facebook page: “Armenian letters on the world’s largest mural the famous fresco by Giovanni Batista Tiepolo, considered the largest in the world, adorns the palace of the Bavarian bishops in the medieval German city of Wurzburg. According to German scientists, a version is likely that the old man from Jah and the pen is Mesrop Mashtots, the author of the invention of the Armenian script. As for the letters themselves, it should be noted that there are 43 on the Tiepolo mural, 7 more than the letters of Mashtots. By depicting Armenian letters and their creator, Tiepolo may have wanted to introduce to the public the people who adopted the first Christianity in the world. And there is some secret message hidden in the letters, which, however, has not yet been disclosed.”