The Turkish state news agency “Anadolu” published an article about Ani. The article, however, does not mention a word about the Armenian past of the city. It is noted that the ruins of Ani are attractive even on winter days for foreign and local tourists.

“The ruins of Ani of Western Armenia, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, are located in the vicinity of Kars. It should be noted that the Turkish state agency has been avoiding any mention of Armenians in publications about Ani for many years.”,-back in 2014, Serdar Koruju wrote about this in the newspaper “Akos” in an article titled “Anadolu Agency erased Armenians from history.” The medieval capital of Ani was included in the World Heritage List in July 2016 according to the statement of UNESCO President Armenag Aprahamian, which was then  followed by the application of the Turkish authorities.