For about 4 months now, at the Expo 2020 Dubai World Exhibition, representatives of Armenia have been carrying out large-scale daily work to present the attractiveness of our country to thousands of visitors to the exhibition and high-ranking officials of the UAE(United Arab Emirates). This full-scale exhibition lasting 6 months is another great opportunity for a wider audience to present and make available Armenia, Armenian culture, history and opportunities available in various spheres of our country.

The National Day of Armenia at this world exhibition will be celebrated on January 30. The Armenian mood will reign throughout the day on the exhibition grounds. A number of events dedicated to the National Day will start with the ceremony of raising the flag of the Republic of Armenia. After the official opening ceremony, a number of cultural events will be organized throughout the day for visitors and guests from different countries. 

You can follow the events dedicated to the National Day of Armenia online at the following link.