The Armenian issue has not yet been resolved, the Armenian people have not yet realized their natural right to unite  and live in their homeland. The Armenian people are the heir of their homeland – the Armenian Highlands (ed. Western Armenia), it is the sole owner of its historical homeland and all the material and spiritual values  created on it. The homeland given to the Armenian nation by God and nature has been created by Armenians with thoughts and hands for thousands of years and above changes in political circumstances, does not depend on the result of any war or battle, and no power in the world is given the right to redraw the borders of Armenia with new maps.

Hundreds or thousands of years may pass, there may be treaties forced by violence to the governments of the Armenian day, such as the document of the forced Bolshevism of the Republic of Armenia of December 2, 1920, the Moscow and Kars Treaties of 1921, the Tripartite Capitulation of November 9, 2020 and other illegal documents, all the same, the Armenian people itself will remain the heir and master of the historical cradle of the Armenians of Armenia.

Union of Armenian Academicians of Germany-1860

Chairman: Azat Ordukhanian