On March 16, 2022, the press secretary of the Government of Western Armenia, Anush Harutyunian, in her statement spoke about medals and orders awarded both to participants in hostilities and for merits in the formation of Western Armenia and its prosperity.

The Government of Western Armenia informs that Western Armenia is expanding the range of awards for services to the state.

On February 25, 2022, President Armenag Aprahamian signed a decree on the issue of the Pogos Nubar medal.

In 2014, Western Armenia has already issued the “Sur Khach” medal of the Armenian Legion for Services to Western Armenia, which is a gold enameled cross awarded to more than 20 brave men.

The Pogos Nubar medal bears the name of the great Armenian Pogos Nubar, who stands at the origins of the creation of the Republic of Western Armenia.

Thanks to the efforts of Pogos Nubar, the Republic of Armenia was established in 1919, which was recognized by more than 20 states.

The medal is a disk on which the golden coat of arms of Western Armenia with enameled rays is depicted.

Western Armenia, being the successor of the aforementioned state, fulfills its mission with honor and continues the great work that Pogos Nubar Pasha began.

From now on, Western Armenia will express its gratitude and honor through this medal, rewarding all those who have rendered services and rendered assistance to Western Armenia in the international arena and will contribute to the cause of state-building.

The medal will be awarded by the decision of a special commission drawn up by the President of Western Armenia and will be certified by the President’s signature.

March 14, 2022