In the Russian-Turkish brotherhood and Friendship of 1921, an agreement was concluded on March 16 between Kemalist Turkey and Soviet Russia. According to this illegal agreement, Armenia should have had only 10 thousand square kilometers of territory left. During the negotiations on both the Moscow and Kars Treaties, Turkey insisted on fulfilling the terms of the Alexandropol Treaty. It took a lot of effort for the Turkish side’s demands to be rejected. It should be noted that international law has clear requirements for the legality of any international treaty. The examination of international law shows that the Moscow Treaty is illegal  and invalid, since.

1. At the time of signing the agreement, none of the delegations was authorized to speak on behalf of their country. The Russian (Bolshevik) and Turkish (Kemalist) delegations have not yet represented the authorities of their countries

2. The treaty was signed in violation of several binding and indisputable provisions (jus cogens) that have been in force for centuries.