The situation in the world is developing day by day with a geometric progression: changes are obvious, difficulties are inevitable. If we abstract from a number of issues, such as the global crisis, economic and political differences between the great powers of the world, environmental issues that have already arisen and have serious consequences, and focus on the most pressing issue at the moment, we will see that Western Armenia has indeed found itself at a historically turning point.

At first, it may seem that the Russian-Ukrainian war, which began on February 24, 2022 and was initially disguised as an “operation”, does not affect the sovereignty and future of Western Armenia in any way. However, recent events prove the opposite.

The whole world was alarmed that day, the period of sanctions against the Russian Federation began. It makes no sense to even talk about the number, volume, and timing of sanctions, because they are huge, destroying the economy of a superpower. Of course, even before the start of the war, the country’s leadership was clearly aware of what to expect, there were specific forecasts and a number of models were developed, the integrity of the tools was clarified to withstand even the worst situation. The time has come, the worst-cases are being implemented. The crisis is unavoidable ․․․

In this case, the question of Western Armenia arises.

Turkey was caught between two stones during this war. On the one hand, Russia, with which the annual volume of trade is about $ 34.7 billion, on the other hand, Ukraine, in this case the same figure is $ 7.4 billion. However, one more important circumstance must be taken into account: Kiev has become the largest importer of Turkish Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicles, for which Russia accused Ankara of inciting the militant zeal of Ukraine.

The outcome is not yet clear, everything can change in a matter of minutes, but there is an important question: Turkey is concerned about dubious forecasts about its future.

The situation has become so tense that various politicians in the Mejlis make startling statements, in particular: “We must support Ukraine in every possible way in the fight against Russia. If Russia is not stopped today, then its next target is the Turkish states – Kars, Erzurum and Ardagan.”

The above is more than ridiculous, the Turkish side calls these territories “Turkish”, claiming that they were previously considered Russian and forgets the important fact that on December 29, 1917, Russia already recognized the independence of Western Armenia, and Kars, Erzurum and Ardagan are an integral part of Western Armenia.

Regardless of the fact that Ankara is trying to prove with harsh rhetoric and “convince” the world with a false agenda that the territories of Western Armenia belong to it, but there is an indisputable fact: the Republic of Western Armenia is recognized, and in this case this is what makes Turkey act in an atmosphere of fear.

In connection with all this, Turkey is taking anti-Russian steps to contain a number of unacceptable phenomena. Turkey even closed the Bosphorus Strait to Russian warships on the basis of the Montreux International Convention (1936).

In conclusion, we can say that the situation is quite severe. However, we must remember that the interests of Western Armenia are above all and it is necessary to do everything possible to protect them.