March 28, the operational and tactical situation along the entire contact line, including in the eastern section of the contact line, is relatively stable; no significant violations of the ceasefire regime have been recorded. According to the report, the village of Parukh of the Askeran region is now in the control zone of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in Artsakh. “Thanks to the courageous efforts of the Artsakh Armed Forces, the Armenian side managed to stop the Azerbaijani armed forces and retain possession of the main part of Mount Karaglukh,” the Artsakh Information Headquarters reports, noting that the Azerbaijani troops continue to remain in fortified positions in a part of Karaglukh.

    Western Armenia condemns aggression against its sovereign territory and reminds Azerbaijan to respect international law. Azerbaijan is a state that was informed during the signing of the Treaty of Sevres that any aggression calls into question its legitimacy as a state in relation to Western Armenia and its population.