On Western Armenia TV, Turkologist Tyran Lokmagezian analyzed Turkey’s position in the Russian-Ukrainian war, noting that Turkey behaves in a classic way because it is a member of NATO. By its actions, it showed that it is on the side of Ukraine and does not accept Russia’s actions and demands, even helped Ukraine with bayraktar and other ammunition, but on the other hand, Turkey did not take part in sanctions against Russia. This is a typical Turkish approach-to play on two wires, and this is the kind of active neutrality from which you can learn in diplomatic or political terms. It is possible that these steps of Turkey are coordinated with the West and use it as a “last bridge”. 

Referring to the main reason for accepting payments for Russian gas in rubles, he noted that in this way an attempt is being made to counteract Western sanctions, which, nevertheless, carries great risks. In this case, the West is guided by double standards: general sanctions are applied against Russia, but sanctions are not applied in matters that harm them.