In Western Armenia, the Cilician Armenian Kingdom existed from the 11th century until 1375. In 1151 Armenian Catholicosate moved there. Under the Catholicos Nerses Schnorali and Grigor Txa, the art and painting of books flourished and developed in Rome. The Cilician miniature is distinguished only by the features of its development. In Cilicia in the XII century, not only the Gospels were depicted, but also other magazines.

The “Book of Mournful Hymns” by Grigor Narekatsi, as well as the Gospel of Skevra, preserved in the Lviv Patriarchate, are known. It is assumed that this is the royal Gospel, on which the great king Levon II swore. Of the Cilician books, the “Supper” of Hetum II, the “Gospel” of Matenadaran No. 9422 and the “Gospel of the Eight Miniaturists”, with amazing richness and high aesthetic level, are considered masterpieces of medieval Armenian book art.