In the 17th century, the Arabkir region of Western Armenia was part of the districts of Sebastia, and then in the province of Malatia, then in Kharberd, and the center -in the city of Arabkir. The 19th century at the end was divided into 4 sub districts and there were 84 villages. 

The pure Armenian populations were Vashkhen, Tsag, Haskni, Ehne, Krani, Anjrdi, Saghmka, Ochar, Vanq, Khoroch, Mashkert, Qushna  and a number of other villages. Before the genocide of 1915, the number of Armenians in Arabkir province reached 33,000 people. The province has fertile lands. The inhabitants were mainly engaged in agriculture, gardening, handicrafts, sericulture and trade. At the beginning of the 20th century, the province had 18 schools and 19 churches. In 1915, they were also subjected to mass deportation and massacre.