The Kazanjian family, who survived the Genocide of Armenian people, arrives from Western Armenia to the United States after the First World War, settles in New York. In 1928, their daughter Anna was born, who was given the honor to glorify her nation as a scientist in the field of American cosmology. Anna Kazanjian will be considered one of the first women in the States who worked on programs for the navy. The talented Armenian woman also makes a great contribution to the development of navigation systems in the aviation sector. 

In 1957 Anna Kazanjian developed special principles that allow striking a target at a distance of 10 thousand miles. Her calculations are placed in a top-secret collection, which will be available only to the highest officials of the country. Two years later, NASA, finally able to use these calculations, is able to launch several satellites. The name of a numerous Armenian woman is included in the list of “100 most influential women in New York”. She died in New York on December 7, 2020.