German professor Friedrich Schultz discovered ancient cuneiform inscriptions described by Movses Khorenatsi. He copies them and heads to Paris to investigate them. On the way with his two officers, the Kurdish gangs are attacked. However, Van’s copied protocols arrived in the safety of Paris and  in 1840 were published. According to Khorenatsi, Armenia was founded in 2492BC. This information also appeared as a reliable source in the New York Times in 2015  in a scientific article. “The 5th century historian Movses Khorenatsi wrote that his homeland was founded in 2492BC, which seems mythical, although he claims that he went to Babylon and studied ancient records. “His analysis suggests that his date is quite probable” the New York Times wrote. Khorenatsi also noted that the Greek translations of the Van Protocols have managed to preserve some of them for future generations”.