On April 13, the 16th online session of the National Assembly of Western Armenia was held, which was attended by deputies from around the world. The meeting was distinguished by the fact that besides the deputies, Chairman of the Western Armenia Armenag Aprahamian also spoke about the package presented to the UN, which includes more than 2,000 pages of materials on Western Armenia. It consists of 20 pages, and the rest of the materials were submitted with links, since the volume of the package submitted to the UN should not exceed 20 pages. Armenag Aprahamian also answered the deputies’ questions. During the meeting, NA Speaker Nelly Harutyunyan presented to the deputies the draft of the second session of the 7th convocation, which was adopted unanimously. The agenda of the meeting also included a number of other issues, one of which was the discussion and schedule of the upcoming commemoration events in different countries on April 24.