As part of the RADIO ARMENIA ETERNA program, which is broadcast to all Armenians of the world living in Brazil, Western Armenians Consul in Argentina Dr. Guillermo A. Karamanian gave an interview to the host Sarkis Karamekian Jr. According to G. Karamanian, Western Armenia today is a continuation of the Armenian state of 1920 and the cradle of the Armenians of Western Armenia. He presented the Western Republic of Armenia as the only influential measure through which we can not only return our lands but also restore the consequences of the genocide to achieve comprehensive justice. 

Thanks to Dr. Karamanian’s interview, a part of the Armenian people also learned how Western Armenia was formed and whose main members are the  President Armenag Aprahamian, Prime Minister Seda Melikyan, and Foreign Minister Lidia Markosian. Mr. Consul was asked questions, which he kindly answered.