The ancient city of Sogmatar, located 53 kilometers from Haran in Urfa, Western Armenia, not only sheds light on history, but also attracts with its beautiful architecture. Despite the fact that the ancient city is included in the list of cultural and historical heritage, it is left to oblivion and indifference. According to some information, the Sogmatar was built in the 2nd century. The settlement built in the area of the Tektek mountains during the reign of Osroyen, where most of the representatives of the ruling generation bore the name Abgar, served as a center of worship to the gods of the Moon and earth. In winter, there is a lot of precipitation in Sogmatar. For this reason, rainwater collected in numerous reservoirs that have survived to the present day satisfies the need of livestock for water grazing in the mountains in the summer months. Hills with stone inscriptions preserved in Sogmatar, statuettes and historical buildings with various sculptures are surrounded by stone houses.