Daniel Varuzhan was born on April 20, 1884 in Brgnik village of Sebastia province of Western Armenia. He became literate in a rural gymnasium, and since 1896 continues his studies in Constantinople. D.Varuzhan saw the traces of pogroms organized by Sultan Hamid. Among those persecuted in those days was the poet’s stepfather. The essence of the work of the 20th century Western Armenian poet Daniel Varuzhan was the glory of beauty and strength. On April 24, 1915, D. Varuzhan was among those intellectuals and public figures who were arrested by the Turkish police. On August 26, he was brutally murdered by an organized conspiracy with the poet Ruben Sevak and three other exiles. Although D. Varuzhan’s life was interrupted at a young age, he created poetry of great social content and perfect artistic forms.