Ecological crises are deepening in Western Armenia and threaten our vital territories and our native language, which is an important part of our culture and is gradually disappearing, too. As part of the fight against these problems, the “Traditional 6th Ovadzhik football Tournament” was organized in Constantinople. It began on April 17 under the motto “the Mndzur River must flow freely” and will last until June. 

The tournament unites Dersim residents to act together against the above-mentioned problems, as well as to speak their native language at the stadium and outside it. Thanks to the hard work of the Ovadzhik Youth Platform, the tournament has come down to our days and it was organized by the efforts of the same platform. Our goal is to jointly protect our cultural heritage and history and pass it to future generations.

Association of Dersimians living in Constantinople.

Ovadzhik Youth Platform.