A new water supply system is being built in the Egtsakhog community of Shushi. This is stated by the head of the community Artak Hakobyan. According to him, there are 46 farms in the village with 145 residents who live and create in their homeland with love and devotion. “After the war, seven displaced families settled in the village. They are provided with the necessary living conditions. People are involved in agricultural work. We have about fifteen houses in the free housing stock we will provide to other displaced families,” A. Hakobyan noted. 

The main direction of employment of the population of the village these days is the cultivation of melons and gardening, besides there are a large number of beekeepers. The village is provided with gas, electricity, and soon round-the-clock water supply. According to the plan, in the near future intra-communal roads will be asphalted.