According to the Mayor of the city of Shushi of the Republic of Artsakh Artsvik Sargsyan, if there is a need for him in Freedom Square, he will come from Artsakh and join those who are there. “I am sure that those in Freedom Square are on the right track. The zombie mass that thinks that if an Azerbaijani lived in Artsakh, it means that it is Azerbaijani, these thoughts should be cleared of themselves and go to Freedom Square. They should realize that there is no Armenia without Artsakh and vice versa. People should think that if today an Artsakh citizen was deported from his settlement, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they will be deported, because the President of Azerbaijan declares that Yerevan is Azerbaijani, Syunik and Sevan are exactly the same. I have said once again that the Church of St. Kazanchetsots in Shushi is 50 years older than Azerbaijan. We must unite, put segregation on one side and unite, as we united in 1988,” Artsvik Sargsyan said.