Artsakh Republic State Minister Artak Beglaryan responded to some of Ilham Aliyev’s statements in a Facebook post. “Ilham Aliyev has committed another falsification of historical facts, this time about the demography of the NKAO(Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast). During the event in occupied Shushi, the President of Azerbaijan, among other false statements, stated that in Soviet times the Azerbaijani population in the NKAO was the majority, but in fact everything is exactly the opposite. In 1921, at the time of the annexation of Karabakh, the Azerbaijani population was 4%, and in the following decades, according to the USSR census, in 1926 – 10.06%, in 1989 – 21.52%. The rest of the population were Armenians, and a very small percentage were foreigners. The steadily growing number of Azerbaijanis in the NKAO during the Soviet years is associated with the white genocide against the indigenous Armenian population. Let the Azerbaijani authorities remember once and for all that for three thousand years there has been an exclusively Armenian overwhelming majority in Artsakh.”