Henry Morgenthau was born on April 26, 1856 in Manheim, Germany. H. Morgenthau, as the ambassador appointed by US President Woodrow Wilson in 1913 to the Ottoman Empire, has been facing a wave of reports of mass pogroms throughout the empire since the very beginning of his activity. In 1915, when the Genocide of Armenians in Western Armenia was just gaining momentum, H. Morgenthau was still skeptical about what he saw and heard. 

H. Morgenthau has repeatedly called on the US government to intervene to stop the extermination of Armenians. In 1915, he sent a petition to the State Department requesting funds to help the Armenians and warning that by using the deportation of Armenians for military necessity as a pretext, Turkey was actually pursuing the goal of exterminating the Armenians. Shocked by the indifference of states to the raging massacre, H. Morgenthau left the post of ambassador in 1916, two years after which he published the documentation “The story of Ambassador Morgenthau”, in which he revealed the whole truth about mass killings and deportations.