Commemoration ceremonies were held in various cities with the participation of Dersim Armenians in connection with the 107th commemoration of the Genocide of Armenians in 1915. Members of the Dersim Armenian platform, numerous artists and citizens in the city of Dersim in Western Armenia jointly laid flowers and lit candles in memory of the victims, honoring their memory with a minute of silence. As part of the commemoration program in Yerevan, the members of the Dersim Armenian Platform together with the delegation of the Government of Western Armenia visited the Genocide of  Armenians Memorial and paid tribute to the memory of the Armenians who died during the genocide. A lot of people attended the commemoration ceremony. 

Members of the Armenian Platform of Dersim and the Association of Dersim Residents of the Gas district of Constantinople also gathered to honor the memory of innocent victims. Candles were lit and the traditional feast of the ghatas, which is considered a memorial ritual, took place. According to the members of the union, Turkey should come face to face with the genocide committed against the Armenians, from which the brotherhood of peoples should not suffer.